About me


My name is Francesco Palmitessa.

I studied art and photography in Italy where, all around me, the few good ones were (and still are) trying to establish order out of chaos.

I refined my style, driving around my hometown, with the camera on the passenger seat, instrumental music on, looking for those places that seem nowhere.

I moved to London where I keep on looking for those places, and where i find them, beautiful and deserted, just for me, my camera and the night.

But this is not just about me, is about what I want to share with you.

Have you ever seen something that wasn’t there before your eyes? The photographic medium is extremely effective for the purpose of placing your ideas in the real world, give birth to them, love them educate them and, when they are ready, let them go (all this in a 1/125 of a second).

I entrust my visions to you, now take care of them.